Recycle More

Traditional recycling often only includes the screening of utility spoil to take out the stoney oversize and leave behind the soils and clays which are not reused and still must go to landfill.OCL ‘s SMR Regen® process recycles all of the spoil by not only screening out the stoney oversize but also treating the soils and clays to stabilise them for reuse in one pass, through one machine. So nothing goes to landfill!

Save on Type 1 and Asphalt

The use of OCL’s SMR Regen®, HBM and Foambase® products means that we can replace sub-base, base & binder in Type 1,2,3 and 4 roads and footways.

The only traditional hot asphalt that is required is the surface course. So your teams can work smarter by bringing all work up to “top of binder” from an OCL depot, then another team can go around topping off and re-opening the works.

Using SMR Regen® allows asphalt thicknesses to be reduced to 100mm instead of 320mm on Type 1 roads and 285mm on Type 2 roads. OCL’s Foambase can then replace the 60mm of binder course. So only 40mm of hot asphalt surface course is needed, and just 30mm on footways.

Tip ‘n’ Take

OCL are geared up to allow our customers to tip their utility spoil in one bay and then collect their SMR Regen®, HBM and Foambase® products from another. The true one-stop-shop to allow our customers increased productivity and decreased cost.

We also supply sands, pipe bedding and soils at the same depots for our customers convenience.

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