Certain asphalt waste contains Coal Tar which was used as a binder or sealant in past UK road construction in lieu of Bitumen. Coal Tar is deemed hazardous due to elevated levels of PAH’s (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) some of which are carcinogenic. We have seen a sharp rise in requests to help clients manage the hazardous waste that is generated from road maintenance and reconstruction activities.

The Solution

Foambase® is an approved method of re-using hazardous wastes. This helps our clients to avoid high disposal costs, preventing the waste from having to go to one of only a few permitted landfill sites. Due to their scarcity they are extremely expensive and difficult to access, so involve high transport costs.

As our Foambase® process is cold, it doesn’t give rise to the aromatics. It also binds the contaminants within the product, which is approved for reuse in surfacing applications.

We hold all the relevant permits and licenses to treat these wastes either at our depots or on a national contract basis where we can move the processing module to the client’s job site.


  • Avoids disposal costs
  • Divert your waste from landfill, protect finite void-space
  • Use an environmentally friendly, fully approved alternative to traditional Base & Binder Course
  • Benefit from the advantages of self-supply
  • Save money
  • We have a great track record and demonstrated results

Why OCL?

  • We are the UK’s leading independent operator in this field providing unbiased, best value solutions
  • We own and operate the whole fleet of equipment to provide grave to cradle service, providing clients with one-stop-shop opportunity
  • We operate have a proven track record with councils and their main contractors
  • We have the largest experience (2006) and largest volumes produced in this field
  • We operate the largest fleet of equipment, providing the highest quality and most reliable offer
  • We provide a full service, from design and quality plan through to testing and validation. (BSI 9001 accreditation for Quality Control)

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