HBM (Hydraulically Bound Material)

A hydraulically bound mixture is a mixture of aggregate, water, and binder, which is widely used in pavement construction.

 HBM (Hydraulically Bound Material) is the generic name for a family of products, these include:

  • Cement Bound Granular Material (CBGM) (BSEN 14227-1). CBGM is used in road, airfield, port, and other heavy-duty pavement construction projects. It is affordable and a great sustainable alternative to asphalt construction.
  • Fly Ash Bound Material (FABM) (BSEN 14227-3). Fly Ash bound mixtures is used in the construction of pavements. It is also used in the road construction because it is versatile and high performing.
  • Slag Bound Material (SBM) (BSEN 14227-2). Flushing SBM uses the hydraulic combination of granulated blast furnace slag and air-cooled steel slag/concrete. It is widely used in the construction of highways where thickness and strength are required.


• Uses recycled aggregates

• More cost effective than traditional asphalt 

• Allows value engineering on upper asphalt layers

• Can reuse site-won wastes

• Can be batched on site


• CBGM - (BSEN 14227-1)

• FABM - (BSEN 14227-3)

• SBM - (BSEN 14227-2)

• SHW 800 Series

OCL Regeneration Ltd manufacture these products at our recycling facilities and on a national contracting basis.