CSCGA (Cement Stabilised Coarse Graded Aggregate)

Cement Stabilised Coarse Graded Aggregate (CSCGA) is used as part of a permeable pavement design. This material can be used in addition or in place of coarse graded aggregate and asphalt in some permeable pavements.


  • Ability to resist increased traffic loadings
  • Potential to replace asphalt in the pavement build up
  • Is already permeable so unlike asphalt (DBM) it requires no coring/puncturing
  • Reduced cost compared to asphalt
  • Low density (roughly 1.8t/m³)
  • Requires no specialist paving techniques


CSCGA is produced to BS EN 14227-1:2013, with the following specification requirements:

  • Minimum cement content = 3%
  • Strength Class = C5/6
  • Minimum permeability = 20,000 mm/hour